Why struggle alone?

Many times in life we reach a point where we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, sad, or just angry. These feelings can stem from many life events including the loss of a loved one, becoming a parent, work / school stress, or a combination of many things. Not being able to cope does not make us week, neither does reaching out for help. It is always easier to maintain mental health at the beginning of a decline than it is to recover from the pits of depression. If you are struggling to maintain please call, reach out to someone. Suffering through the isolation, despair, and worry alone will create the perfect environment to allow that darkness to grow and deepen.


I treat a wide variety of mental health issues including:

            Anxiety~Depression~Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder~ Post-Partum Depression ~ Bipolar ~ Psychosis



Practicing at Great Plains Mental Health Associates, LLC

4610 S 133RD ST. SUITE 109 OMAHA NE 68137~ Ph 402.614.0010 Fax 402.614.0090

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