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About me...


     As a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner I offer a hybrid of psychotherapy and medication management. Nurses are trained in holistic care and are continually thinking about not just your diagnosis but about you - body, mind, and spirit. I enjoy my patients and make it my goal to get to know you and your story.

     Sometimes our lives can become overwhelming, stressful, and unmanageable. During this stressful time our coping mechanisms may be unable to maintain our mental health. As a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner I see a wide variety of patients ranging from grief, anxiety, PTSD, and depression to those with bipolar and psychosis. I also see many young mothers with post-partum depression and work with individuals on parenting issues as well.  

  •  I was a stay at home mother myself until I decided to return to school to become a nurse. Graduating from University of Nebraska Lincoln / University of Nebraska Medical Center with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

  • As an RN I worked as a Neuro/Trauma ICU nurse. This background has given me strong medical knowledge and insight into the chronically ill. I currently see many patients with chronic / terminal diagnosis. I am uniquely skilled with end of life and caregiver stressors.

  • In 2012 I earned my Master of Science in Nursing from Creighton University and became board certified in Psychiatric Mental Health.

  • Co-founder and sole proprietor of Great Plains Mental Health Associates

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We offer a full range of mental health care from psychotherapy and psych-testing, to medication management and problem focused therapy. 


As a practice, our goal is to care for you, to make you comfortable, and to let you know you matter. We take the time to accomplish this goal. Medication management new patients are scheduled for one hour and follow up appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes.


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