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Medication Management


As a Nurse Practitioner I am trained and have the knowledge to prescribe and manage medications. As a Psychiatric NP, I have specialized in the management mental health medications.


I do not believe that medications are the only answer, or the best answer for everyone. However, research shows that medication, in conjunction with therapy, have shown the best results. 


I encourage therapy and work with you and your therapist to achieve the best outcome possible. 

Teaching Natural Alternatives


Whether you need medications or not I will always try to address natural remedies as well such as sunlight, exercise, nutrition, and meditation. There is not a pill that will make you 100%. This is true for other medical illnesses too like diabetes and heart disease. There are always behavior modifications that can help. Together we will evaluate which areas will be most helpful to you and monitor your success. 

Let's talk...


Sometimes this is all you need. A place to feel comfortable and secure and a person who will listen. Therapy is different than talking with a friend or family member.  Talking with a professional allows you the freedom to say what your feeling without reservations or the need to protect the feelings of someone you love. Therapy can also help you to find perspective and a better sense of life goals. 

Areas you may not think of for therapy...

  • Parenting issues

  • Athlete stress

  • Leadership Issues

  • Work place stressors

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